EUSIPCO 2019 Satellite Workshop on Signal Processing Computer Vision and Deep Learning for Autonomous Systems

During the last years we are witnessing a constantly increasing use and interest for Autonomous Systems (AS) such as UAVs, humanoid robots, cars, marine and underwater vessels, etc. This is due to their numerous applications in transport, surveillance, mapping, manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, infrastructure inspection, cinematography etc. Successful deployment of autonomous systems involves tackling a number of interesting and challenging topics such as AS localization, planning, action and mapping, analysis of visual data coming from AS sensors for human centric or environment active perception and cognition, privacy protection technologies in AS data, 3D data (e.g. LIDAR) processing and analysis, communication issues for AS, sensor fusion, multimodal interfaces etc. These tasks can be addressed by using several methodologies from the areas of signal/image/video processing and analysis, computer vision and machine learning (including deep learning) provided that they respect several constraints and limitations inherent to AS, such as real-time operation, limited available computing resources on board the AS, need for robustness in real-life scenarios etc. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers, engineers and computer scientists working in the areas of signal/image/video processing and analysis, computer vision, and machine learning for AS to present and discuss recent developments and trends in this exciting area. The workshop will consist of invited talks by prominent researchers and oral presentations featuring research papers. This EUSIPCO satellite workshop is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Signal Processing Society (SPS), endorsed by the IEEE SPS Autonomous Systems Initiative (ASI) and technically sponsored by the H2020 Project MULTIDRONE (www.multidrone.eu).

Ημερομηνία Διεξαγωγής 06/09/2019 - 06/09/2019.
Έναρξη εγγραφών 18/06/2019

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