GRAMMA: Journal of Theory and Criticism, volume 20

Contents \n\nSemiotics Today: An Introduction, Karin Boklund-Lagopoulou and Alexandros Ph. Lagopoulos\n\nTheoretical Issues\n\nThe Difference Between Semiotics and Semiology, Russell Daylight\n\nReaching Toward the Outside: Saussure, Hjelmslev and Cinema Semiosis, Rea Wallden\n\nAre We Always Translating Signs Whether We Know It or Not?, Floyd Merrell\n\nThe Semiotics of Natural Language\n\nBiblical Windows, Mony Almalech\n\nSemantic Isotopies in Interlingual Translation: Towards a Cultural Approach, Evangelos Kourdis\n\nEveryday Practices and Subversions: Semiotic Analysis of the 2009 Greek Elections Through the Headlines of a Daily National Newspaper, Maria Chalevelaki\n\nVisual Semiotics\n\nRemix Semiosis as Ideology Critique: A Visual Semiotic Study of Critical Remix Video, Owen Gallagher\n\nThe Reader as Author and the Ontological Divide: Rome Total WarTM and the Semiotic Process, Michalis Kokonis\n\nFoucault’s Heterotopias and History in Greenaway’s Suitcases, Maria Daskalaki\n\nMatter-Reality in Cinema: Realism, Counter-Realism and the Avant-Gardes, Rea Wallden\n\nPossible (Life)World Semiotics: On Inter-Textual Formations Amongst Advertising, Literary and Filmic Texts, George Rossolatos\n\nReading the Identity of Dramatis Personae Through the Semantics of Possible Worlds, Dimitris Tsatsoulis\n\nWhen Lacan Met Dali: Lacan’s “Paranoid” Reading of Saussure’s Theory of the Sign*, Despina-Alexandra Constantinidou\n\nSemiotics of the Body\n\nAt the Cutting Edge Between Semiology and Phenomenology: Performances of Orlan and Franko B*, Panayiota Chrysochou\n\nCultures of Invisibility: The Semiotics of the Veil in Early Christianity, Massimo Leone\n\nReview Section\n\nJoseph, John E. Saussure, Reviewed by Russell Daylight\n\nCrow, David. Visible Signs: An Introduction to Semiotics in the Visual Arts, Reviewed by Evripides Zantides\n\nLeone, Massimo. Saints and Signs: A Semiotic Reading of Conversion in Early Modern Catholicism, Reviewed by Anastasia Christodoulou