GRAMMA: Journal of Theory and Criticism, volume 15

Contents \n\nIntroduction, Tina Krontiris and Jyotsna Singh\n\nProfessional and Amateur Audiences: a Comparative Overview\n\nSowing the Dragon’s Teeth: Amateurism, Domesticity, and the Anglophone Audience for Shakespeare, 1607-2007, Michael Dobson\n\nThe Renaissance Audience-within-an-Audience\n\nInterpretive Multiplicity: Audiences and Mediators on the Shakespearean Stage, Sandra Logan\n\nThe Audience of the Jacobean Masque, with a Reference to The Tempest, Effie Botonaki\n\nCensorship Surveillance, and the Formation of Audiences\n\nThe Perfect Production: Les Kurbas’s Analysis of the Early Soviet Audience, Irena R. Makaryk\n\nWithin and Beyond: Pavel Kohout’s Play Makbeth and its Audiences, Hana Worthen\n\n“Be patient till the last”: The Censor’s Lesson on Shakespeare, Anna Cetera\n\nAudience Response and Ideological Negotiations\n\nDifferent Othello(s) and Contentious Spectators: Changing Responses in India, Nandi Bhatia\n\nShakespeare and the Audiences of the Greek Traveling Actors, Mara Yanni\n\n“’Twas Me Who Combed Her Hair”: Audience Participation in Two Italian Rewritings of Othello, Mariangela Tempera\n\nParting “totally sucks”: Filming Romeo and Juliet for Generation X, Xenia Georgopoulou\n\nBook Reviews\n\nMakaryk, Irena R. Shakespeare in the Undiscovered Bourn: Les Kurbas, Modernism, and Early Soviet Cultural Politics. Toronto and London: University of Toronto Press, 2004 (pp 257). ISBN 080208849X, Reviewed by Monica Matei-Chesnoiu\n\nSymington, Rodney. The Nazi Appropriation of Shakespeare. Lewiston/Queenston/Lampeter: Edwin Mellen Press, 2005 (pp 332). ISBN 0773460144, \nReviewed by Lawrence Guntner\n\nMakaryk, Irena R., and Joseph G. Price, eds. Shakespeare in the Worlds of Communism and Socialism. Toronto, Buffalo, London: University of Toronto Press, 2006 (pp 440). ISBN 0802090583, Reviewed by Alexander Shurbanov\n\nKrontiris, Tina [Kροντήρη, Tίνα]. Ο Σαίξπηρ σε καιρό πολέµου, 1940- 1950 [Shakespeare in Wartime, 1940-1950]. Athens: Alexandria, 2007 (pp 221). ISBN 978-960-221-368-1, Reviewed by Mara Yanni\n\nChaudhuri, Sukanta and Lim, Chee Seng, eds. Shakespeare without English: The Reception of Shakespeare in Non-Anglophone Countries. Delhi: Pearson Longman, 2006 (pp 220). ISBN 81-7758-142-2, Reviewed by Amrita Sen\n\nKnowles, Ric. Reading the Material Theatre. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004 (pp 246). ISBN 05216441 6Χ, Reviewed by Jyotsna G. Singh