GRAMMA: Journal of Theory and Criticism, volume 12

as a Metaphor of Translation, Val Morgan \n\nThe Sound of Every Falling Star: Miriam Waddington's Poetry and Translation of Rachel Korn's Poetry, Shoshanna Ganz\n\nNegotiating the Difference between Ensler's The Vagina Monologues and its Greek Translation, Olga Vlachou\n\nShakespeare Translation and Taboo: A Case Study in Retranslation, Marta Minier\n\nFirst Encounters: From Sign-language and Pantomime to Translation and Interpretation: The First European Attempts at Verbal Communication with the Amerindians, Smatie Yemenedzi-Malathouni\n\nReading Family Heirlooms, Spelling Public Memory: Cultural Translation and the Making of Usable Pasts in Greek America, Yiorgos Anagnostou\n\nInterpretation: A Merging of Voices and Bodies in the Performance of Translation, Fotini Apostolou\n\nBook Reviews\n\nC.P. Cavafy\nThe Canon. The Original One Hundred and Fifty-Four Poems, Translated from the Greek by Stratis Haviaras, Edited by Dana Bonstrom., David Connolly\n\nMounin, Georges. \nΟι Ωραίες Άπιστες.\nTrans. by students from the Inter-University Interdepartmental Programme of Postgraduate Studies on \