Partner Search - "Heater-treater" type device for petroleum refinery

Ανάρτηση: 08/06/2016

A university in Ukraine offers alternative modular petroleum refinery device of type "heater-treater" (heater-deemulsator) that structurally integrates electrical dehydrators with blocks of petroleum heating and separation. The university is looking for partners interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance or/and in research cooperation in development of separation equipment.

"Heater-treater" type device for petroleum refinery is multifunctional device with modular horizontal three-phase separator with integrated tube heater of direct heating for heating and degasification of crude petroleum, equipped with sections for separation of petroleum-water emulsion and associated gas.

Main technical parameters of device:
- performance (for water-petroleum emulsion): <2500 tons per day 
- water content in petroleum: in input - 20-90%; in output - <0.5%;
- working pressure - 0,2-0,6 MPa;
- temperature of heating of emulsion -35-600С;
- nominal capacity -100 m3;
- weight - 35.5 tones. 
The University has 50 years of experience in implementation of scientific development for the chemical and petroleum and gas industry and for the last 15 years of research of processes of separation of gas-condensate and petroleum-water mixtures and has been accumulated sufficient experience in development and implementation of new high-performance of inertial-filtering separators and phase separators.
The University is interested in establishing long-term cooperation with potential partners in the form of:
• Commercial agreement with technical assistance with big companies, SMEs (50-250) that are engaged in preparation of petroleum for modification of the refinery equipment;
• Research cooperation agreement (improving of device for some special conditions) with R&D Institutions  and Universities for development of innovation equipment for petroleum refinery.
If partners will be interested in the detailed consideration of the proposal, we are ready to provide services of scientific and technical advice and relevant materials, proving the effectiveness of project decisions after signing of a protocol about confidentiality of received information.
Type and Role of Partner Sought 
Type: big companies, SMEs (50-250), R&D Institutions  and Universities engaged in the petroleum industry and complex preparation of petroleum.
Area of activity: gas and petroleum separation, separation of petroleum-water emulsions.
Partner Role: R&D cooperation in innovation equipment's development for petroleum refinery.

Type and Size of Partner Sought >500 
R&D Institution 
SME 51-250 
For more information please contact:
Christiana Siambekou
Phone Number +30-2107273954
Public Email: schris@ekt.gr