Partner Search-A Hungarian university research group offers Geological, petrological and stratigraphic measurement procedures for analyzing extremely small size range

Ανάρτηση: 02/06/2016

A Hungarian university research group has elaborated procedures of geomicrobiological, biogeochemical, environment geological, sedimentary geological, sedimentary petrological, Permo-Mesozoic and Pliocene-Quaternary stratigraphic measurements. The greatest advantage of the method applied in Granulometry is the ability to give precise results in extremely small size range. The group wishes to utilize the elaborated research procedures within the framework of services agreements.

The Hungarian university research group possesses great knowledge on the field of analytical chemistry and geoanalytics.
Granulometry is a valuable method in examining certain areas for economic expedience, in neutralizing (or deciding on their expedience) of industrial dust and other hazardous waste, and in the building industry.
In the course of its particle size analysis activity, known as granulometry, the research group is able to define the particle size distribution of powders, granular material or sediments with a laser granulometer.
This activity is carried out by an up-to-date, complex particle-size analyser instrument, which is able to examine powders, granular materials and sediments in the range of 0.01–3000 µm. Dispersing the sample can be carried out by water, or water doped with wetting agents. The evaluation of the results comprises of, among others, the granular diameter belonging to 10, 50 and 90 % of the distribution curve, the average granular diameter, the sizes and percentages defined by the user and several other parameters. The instrument is suitable for measurements according to the theory of Fraunhofer, as well as the theory of Mie. (According to Mie, while measuring the air-related refractive index of the particle must be known.)
Related services:
- Environment geological area evaluation, expertise
- Determining physical parameters of sediments, soils
- Phase analysis of solid samples (full rock and clay minerals)
- X-ray powder diffractometry: identification of the phases, quantitative definition, crystalline structure characterization of solid polycrystalline substances. Defining basic information of (mineral) content in mineralogical, petrographic and substance material research. (Devices: Rigaku MiniFlex 600, X-ray diffractometer)
- Malvern Mastersizer 2000 – particle size analyser
- Malvern Zetasizer Nano Z – defining zeta potential in water based and non-water based dispersion
- Analytik Jena Multi N/C 3100 TOC/TIC analyser – for full carbon content analysis
- Nikon Eclipse polarizing microscope
- Malvern Mastersizer 3000 – particle size analyser
- X-ray diffractometer (XRD)
The research group awaits partners wishing to enlist its services from the public or the private sector's research institutes and laboratories. The group would cooperate in the frame of research or service agreement.
Type and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Hungarian research group awaits the expression of interests of departments of research and development institutions and/or industrial research laboratories. In the framework of the cooperation it would sign a research cooperation contract with its partners, or provide granulometric services with the purpose of 
- development
- improvement, or
- operation of technologies.
Type and Size of Partner Sought:
>500 MNE 
R&D Institution 
SME <10 
SME 11-50 
SME 51-250 
For more information please contact:
Christiana Siambekou
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