Partner Search - Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences: Interest for Collaboration

Ανάρτηση: 26/05/2016

Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences is interested in submitting a proposal as a partner in the following calls: 
SwafS-03-2016-2017: Support to research organisations to implement gender equality plans
SwafS-17-2016: The Ethics of informed consent in novel treatment including a gender perspective
SwafS-19-2016: Networking of National representatives and resources centers on Gender in R&I

Potential Contribution to the Project:
Gender equality Law was adopted on 10 October 2006 in Azerbaijan. One of the goals of the law is to eliminate all forms of discrimination based on sex, men and women in public life, political, economic, social, scientific, cultural and other fields to ensure equal opportunities and gender equality. One of the women active in the republic of science. 59% of employees working in the academy are women. 5 members of the Academy of Sciences, corresponding member of the 14 are women. In addition, the heads of the institutes and research institutions operating in the 9 female director. This indicator is one of the foundations of gender equality is confirmed. In particular, the prevalence of women among young scientists and their science in the last few years, confirming the rapid flow of factors. We have good potential for researching in the field of gender equality. So we can join projects related to gender equality.

For more information please contact:
Bunyamin Seyidov
mail: bunyamin.seyidov@science.az
phone: +994124975338