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Ανάρτηση: 10/02/2015

Partner search for European Platforms from The Association of Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity

The Association constantly organizes the International Theatre Festival "Without borders" (formerly “On the border”) since 1980.

The project is based on the idea of the platform which can link people who are leading music bands or theater troupes or dance teams with people who are leading cultural institutions or NGO's (Hosts) operating in the fields of music, theater and dance. The intention is that both sides will want to meet together on a tournee. Why the tournee? Because it's more cost-effective than the single performance, for both sides. The platform will thus help young and new artists to develop their talent and will be helpful in gaining experience. The platofrm will give Hosts an opportunity of inviting and hosting artists from abroad. Partners will be responsible for the promotion in own country, translation of a context menu to the local language and (if necessary) for helping in researches of local music bands, theater troupes and dance teams. The beta webiste is under the address: www.tournee.byethost9.com/oxwall.
Contact details:
Michal Nowak, tel. +48 603559920,  Cieszyn, ul. Mennicza 18, Poland.