Ανάρτηση: 19/06/2018

From the Fundamentals to Developing Winning Proposals for Horizon 2020 and other programmes

Date: 18-19 July 2018
Location: Athens
This course is aimed at equipping individuals in organisations of all types and sizes who have the responsibility for developing research and development - style proposals with the relevant skills and know-how to produce high quality, and potentially successful bids. It is relevant to people working in all sectors and to all kinds of proposals irrespective of funding source.
The course covers the various types of bids and proposals and the key similarities and differences between them and the various approaches needed to reflect these factors. The content of the training is structured to address all key issues central to a well-presented proposal. This includes planning, writing the bid, structure and writing style as well as partnership development, budgets and eligibility. Understanding the importance of review and checking, as well as the actual submission process and what happens to a proposal after submission are also described.
The course encourages an interactive approach and uses a mixture of lecture style-delivery, workshop activities and structured discussion. There is also ample opportunity for question and answer sessions. Extensive use will be made of case studies from RedKnight’s global experiences, making the training as practical as possible.
As a result of completing this course, participants will be better equipped to produce a winning proposal by:
1.  Understanding the key elements of a well-constructed proposal;
2. Recognising the differences between the various types of proposal and funding stream;
3. Mastering the approaches needed to deliver a proposal in a timely manner;
4. Comprehending the importance of the submission and evaluation processes used for your proposal;
5. Learning the best-practices from experts in the field of proposal development;
6. Networking with colleagues from all across Europe, sharing experiences and exchanging your know- how.
Strictly limited seats per course ensure a much more focused learning experience and a customised programme.
Read more at the official website of the course:http://www.european.academy/h2020-proposal-writing